CECED represents the household appliance industry in Europe.

CECED members are European manufacturers of household appliances and national associations.

CECED is mainly involved in the activities below:

Corporate Social Responsibility

CECED Direct Members call on all manufacturers and producers to subscribe to the CECED code of conduct on corporate social responsibility.

Sustainable Energy Europe

Energy efficiency

The Commission recognises CECED’s efforts in the area of energy efficiency.

CECED is associated to the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign.

Climate change

Fight climate change, and replace 188 million old, energy inefficient appliances!

domestic appliances, in Europe, each day, at least 300 million hours are set free from domestic hard work routine. The availability of domestic appliances in the households has allowed to increase the quality of life.

The European industry is a basic asset of the EU economy. The industry has improved technology dramatically over the years and this has been accompanied by ever-lower prices to consumers. 50million large appliances and 200 million small appliances are sold in average in Europe, every year.

About half a million employees develop and produce world-wide state of the art technology, which may constitute a reference for the development of welfare in the new industrialised countries, provided that the European technology remains affordable to them.

In 1958, CECED was founded on the initiative of the Western-European National Associations. Since 1997 it has established a permanent office in Brussels to better represent the industry vis-à-vis the European institutions. Direct membership for individual companies was also introduced in that year. In 1999 CECED has streamlined its organisation and has set up its current structure.

Today, CECED counts 15 Direct Members and 24 National Associations representing 22 countries.

CECED promotes the industry’s mission to increase the performance while reducing the environmental impact of the appliances.

Currently, market surveillance systems in some Member States fail to secure an elevated market quality, with the consequence of non compliant (thus potentially dangerous) products and  in the market, unfair competition among the different market actors, and mistrust of consumers.

With the extension of the product legislation from safety to environmental issues, exposure to discrepancy between legislation and enforcement increases. Industry has strong concerns on the political willingness or capacity of member state authorities to devote sufficient resources and ensure an adequate level of market quality.

Our industry has also expressed severe concerns about some basic principles that currently shape a significant share of European legislation.

Traditional New Approach directives have their main focus in stating the fundamental principle that Member States cannot create hindrance to the free circulation of goods, and must establish procedures on correcting measures when non conforming products are found. They do not explicitly state the obligation for market operators to put conforming products on the EU market, but rather the obligation to produce in accordance to the law.

More and more, EU product legislation addresses the moment of placing on the market rather then the production phase. We definitely support this shift of focus which is linked to the obligation for all market operators to put only compliant products on the market. Thus, we believe that the New Approach should endorse this line of development.

For each product, placed on the EU market, the law should identify a responsible person established within the European Union and therefore subject to the jurisdiction of one of the 25 Member States. This should be the manufacturer, if established within the EU, its authorized representative or the importer. To avoid problems of unlevel playing field in the market, they should share the same level of responsibility, against the same action: business decision to make available on the EU market a product that must fulfil certain legal requirements.

This concern was minimal in the Seventies and Eighties as the quantity of products placed on the market by pure trading companies was very limited. Today, in the perspective of a further increase of economy globalisation, this concern cannot be ignored any longer, at least for durable consumer goods. Domestic appliance manufacturers think tat the current revision of the New Approach framework is a very good occasion for addressing this issue and combining the very positive experience that NA has given on supporting product development with more equitable conditions for an effective and workable market surveillance. For household appliances manufacturers, this is a fundamental point, in the light of Lisbon agenda and the need of establishing fair conditions for the maintenance in the EU of qualified industrial and commercial operations.

CECED is also active in the fight against counterfeiting, dumping, and tariff trade barriers. From this standpoint, domestic appliance manufacturers consider with particular interest the development of protocols of co-operation for free and fair trade as the one established between CECED and CHEAA, the Chinese association of electrical household appliance manufacturers.

We strive to teach our kids all the important things in life. It is part of being a kid. They have to know how to socialize with peers. They have to know how to write and read. Add, subtract, divide, multiply, etc. It is all life skills that they will need throughout their entire life. The problem is, we become so involved with teaching them to be all that they can be, we fail to tell them why it is important. We forget to teach why it matters. How it applies to them. This is why primary school math enrichment is focused on learning fun.

Rediscover Learning As It Should Be

Learning does not always have to be hard. Think back to when your infant first began taking their first steps into toddlerhood. They were learning and you were joyful at every step. When they said their first words, it was fun. They wanted to learn more and you wanted them to learn more. The same thing with counting or singing songs. You would encourage practice through play and then raved about how smart they were for getting it right.
When did that change? Often it happens when they start school. School today is focused on the push. It is centered around getting past this so that they can learn more tomorrow.

Why the Push for More?

In school, kids have to learn as much as they can. Each year there are new techniques and ideas for them to focus on. Addition is no longer just this number plus that number. It is different techniques to find out that answer. The same is true for every other math skill. We want them to have a full concept of how to make the numbers work.
This makes it so that students and teachers have to hurry from one idea to the next. It is a push that leads to the idea of smarter kids, but what is the cost. Stress. Stress for the child because they lose the idea of loving to learn more.

Rediscover Learning Fun

When in school it is learning this and learning that. There is no time for fun and games. In the first year of school, kids must learn to write, read, add, subtract, and more. It works, but it is crazy. Primary school math enrichment is focused on making learning fun again. This takes the stress away and encourages kids to learn without realizing they have to stress over it. As a bonus, the fun they have today while learning will flow into other areas of study and last an entire life.

Are you bothered by something bigger than you can manage? A glance with the testimonies will inform you that the Sendai church in Japan can bring you convenience. It does not need to be total devastation that brings you to their door. You just need to find a friend in the pastors as well as in Jesus. In doing so, you will swiftly discover that you are not the only one in your troubles.

The 仙台の教会 in Japan makes it very easy for you to end up being a part of something fantastic. Are you all set to welcome it and also uncover just how much excellent there still is in a globe that seems to be at its craziest? All you need to do is see this remarkable church and also listen to what Pastor Caleb and his life partner Pastor Christina have to state. They will certainly comfort you in times of demand also, if you are ever before in a position that you require a shoulder to lean on.

The 仙台の教会 in Japan is greater than just a pastor talking words to you. They have food for those who are in requirement. They give convenience to anyone hurting. They have live bands to delight in and aid individuals who visit them to see that learning more about Jesus can be amazing and also fun. During the Christmas period, the youngsters take control of as well as inform the story of Jesus’ birth. Throughout various other times, you can end up being a component of the chorus if you intend to sing about your belief.

It is a job they have actually been a part of for the past 3 years. It is something they appreciate belonging of still. Their words motivate individuals of Japan, also during their most troubling times. They have actually placed their heart right into feeding as well as gaming consoling those who were hit the hardest by the destruction in Japan and it is a trend that they will certainly not quit anytime in the near future.

If you prepare to come to be a component of something really wonderful after that why pass by the Sendai church in Japan? It does not matter whether you are a full-time citizen of Japan or just dropping in for a browse through. You will certainly be welcome right here. If you are a full time citizen, you can anticipate a lot more from this church than most others. It might be the one area that you will certainly end up being a part of something larger. Who recognizes, as a full-time resident and member, maybe you will certainly additionally aid those in requirement to uncover that there are really excellent individuals worldwide who are willing to deposit their very own troubles to assist those in requirement. Are you ready to assist others?

Every church is based on area, assisting and belief. This church, and also the priests who use it to serve the people around them, take that to an entire brand-new degree. Their belief and also their love understands no limits. How would you like to be a part of something that is just great in this world full of difficulties and also suffering? Currently, it is simple for you to become a component of something absolutely gorgeous.

The people of Japan and also its several visitors all appreciate the 仙台の教会. It is a church that has done points for the community as well as other locations of the world. It is all carried out in love for individuals and for Jesus. As an added bonus offer, you do not need to know Japanese to enjoy this remarkable church and its services. For the visitors and also homeowners that speak English, there are likewise services available for you. Are you prepared to discover what this church can bring into your heart?

The Sendai church in Japan is ran by Pastor Caleb Chang and also his better half Pastor Christina Chang. They are from the FCBC (Faith Community Baptist Church) in Singapore. Nevertheless, ten days after the Northeast Great Earthquake, Pastor Caleb went to Tohoku, Japan to assist with the catastrophe, where he remained on for three months assisting as well as mobilizing 200 volunteers that were likewise there to help. This has proceeded. On Saturday they are offered in Sendai. On Sunday they travel to Kesennuma to offer those who endured the tidal wave.

There are various kinds of support system around. This implies that there is an elderly care support system that will certainly be the best suit for you and also your family. You just need to recognize that you do not need to do whatever alone, look for aid, and also trust in them to see your family with. It will be much better than placing them in a residence as well as even more rewarding.

Caring for a senior enjoyed one is maybe one of the most difficult things that you will certainly ever do. Among the primary factors for it being so challenging is that generally, the individual we are taking care of is a grandparent or parent that at one time was taking care of us. The big difference is that they have needs on a bigger range than we did as youngsters. They have specific medicines to tackle established routines and also might have difficulty moving without the risk of dropping. Typically, we do not wish to place them right into a home, but it may look like the ideal choice; especially if you are taking care of mental deterioration or other major ailments. Before you surrender as well as do the nursing home point, you need to take into consideration Singapore house treatment solutions.

Something that you require to bear in mind is you are not alone. There are families every day that discovers a member of the family now needs a lot more aid. Often it might appear as though you get up someday and also your moms and dad is requiring more assistance than you ever fantasized they would require. Often it may follow an ailment or a procedure. It could occur due to a fall that they took while outdoors. Whatever began it, there are people who have actually been there and also might still exist. They understand what it takes to take care of their own family members and also they can assist you in looking after your own.

There are a lot of Singapore elderly care solutions accessible. There are registered nurses that can be found in to help you see to it your household is well. There are services that can bring food to them when you are at work. There are trained registered nurses that can help you deal with a brand-new signs and symptom if the demand arises and there is a neighborhood of individuals that can share their very own residence health care tales with you to allow you recognize that you are not alone.

The elderly care by https://www.touch.org.sg/about-touch/our-services/touch-caregivers-support-homepage is a group of individuals that might or might not have clinical training. They are people who have been where you are. They have felt shed and also saddened by the understanding that their enjoyed one is expanding sickly sufficient to need assistance. They have actually wept rips as well as spent nights sitting in a medical facility area being afraid the most awful. They have actually really felt the fatigue of sleep deprived evenings stressing over a parent. They are individuals that comprehend precisely what you are experiencing.

With Singapore residence treatment services, you will certainly have all the help that you and also your liked ones need. They will certainly exist throughout the bumpy rides to assist you with the several issues that you might be dealing with. They will certainly assist you maintain your parents in your home where they are most happy and where you can understand that they are safe. What more could you wish for?

There is an elderly caregiver support group that can assist you uncover what is needed to care for your liked ones. They can help you find out about the drugs that they are taking and also concerning their medical condition in its entirety. They can tell you just how to handle certain elements of caring for that individual and guide you in making the ideal choices for exactly how your loved one is looked after. With a support group within simple reach, you will certainly soon feel as though you are a lot more in control of the scenario as well as less likely to place the senior citizen in your life right into a house.

Being a caretaker is hard. It is a tough task that does not need to be the impossible feat. The catch is, no person can do it without a little aid as well as support. You require support. You require your other family member to have your back, but you additionally need specialists that know exactly how to deal with specific circumstances. If you do not have either of those points, having people that you can talk to will additionally be a great aid, if for no other factor than a shoulder to weep on.

Consider a special memory that you have of a walk through the park with a liked one. Do you remember the lovely colors? Is the memory as vivid as you would like for it to be? Ask yourself if you will still remember it that clearly in another 20 years. Some people might state that they will be able to, since it was just that special. Others realize that memories discolor as time moves forward. A Singapore event photographer could be there with you in the park, and you can recreate the memories and also have a photo session that will assist you remember it.

We all know that time adjustments every little thing. The minutes we have today will never ever be had tomorrow. There is only today for us to experience today. No matter what sort of event you are having, or which of life’s minutes you feel need to be valued in photographic memories; a Singapore event photographer can be there to help you. Benefit from what they use as well as when tomorrow comes; you will certainly have evidence that it was a gorgeous day.

We spend our lives intending to experience wonderful moments and also create unique memories that will never ever diminish. If we didn’t intend to make the memories, we would not really be living. Therefore, we usually put a lot of initiative right into catching selfies and also getting others to take photos of us on our most weddings. The thing is, frequently, we wind up with blurred images that look fake or show up staged as opposed to capturing the pure enjoyment of our moments. This is where a Singapore occasion digital photographer can assist. They record the minutes while you merely delight in the mins.

If you are most likely to be having a big day in the future, why not speak with a Singapore event professional photographer? They have the cams as well as the tools to make certain that special memories can be captured with their aid. They can make use of special filters as well as impacts to create photographs that are as enchanting in look as the minutes were for you, your family members, and your good friends. These images can then be yours to hold as the years pass and the memories begin to vanish.

Think of your child’s upcoming birthday celebration celebration. Kids are constantly great subjects for a photographer for events due to the fact that they expand so much throughout every year. Their first birthday, they will inevitably end up covered with their birthday celebration cake. You can rely on family photos on a cell phone or an electronic camera, however what occurs if it blurs? Do you wish to take a chance recognizing that prior to they turn 2, they will be better able to consume without the mess? What about when they are turning eight this year, as well as in a simple ten years they will be finishing? A professional photographer can be there for all of it.

The majority of people believe that you would only need a photographer for the largest occasions in life. Images of a wedding, or a very first birthday are the ones we usually think about a specialist for. There are numerous other times in life that you can use the solutions of an event photographer. It could be involvement pictures, pregnancy statement images, images of you and also your partner in a location that is unique to you both, wedding anniversary parties, as well as every other life moment that we experience.

Let’s state that your moms and dads or grandparents are celebrating their 50th anniversary quickly. This is an exceptional achievement for them as a pair. In today’s world, a lot of couples are not able to make it up until now. There is a definite factor to commemorate that landmark. Would certainly you wish to be guaranteeing a cam taking images of the moment or do you intend to be in the image with your family members as they celebrate? The job of a Singapore occasion digital photographer is to be the one taking a picture while you just have fun with those you appreciate one of the most.

A Singapore event photographer can choose you to an additional area if you need them to. For them, it is all about helping you catch a special moment. If you want to take interaction pictures for your wedding event invitations, they can be there. You simply have to call the area as well as your photos will be brought to life.

Residence monitoring equipment are currently advanced sufficient that they can even supply warnings when a possible weather condition disturbance such as hail, tornadoes, and storms. It may likewise be made use of to remotely regulate devices such as ac system as well as heaters. When coupled with a fire alarm system, it can additionally aid to inform the nearby station house should a fire break out.

Numerous SECOM surveillance system nowadays have the ability to relay footage in actual time through the internet. These devices are referred to as IP cameras as well as they are really useful whenever you are away from residence. You’ll be able to check on your kids while they’re being taken care of by the sitter or just to keep an eye on every little thing when no person is residence.

In an unfortunate event that your residence becomes robbed by burglars, the video footage videotaped by your security system can function as exceptional evidence not just to track who the wrongdoers are yet additionally to put them behind bars. The storage space tool for your monitoring equipment is usually situated in a protected area and consequently intruders won’t have the ability to ruin the evidence even if they trash the electronic cameras.

Things about having a surveillance system also if you just have a really basic arrangement is that it works as an excellent deterrent against potential bad guys. It is likely that a person with worthless purposes will certainly have second thoughts regarding his plans when a safety and security electronic camera is detected. Safety video cameras today are generally able to send out an alarm system to the home owner or the cops division in case of residential or commercial property violation.

The majority of homeowners tremble concerning the thought of mounting a monitoring system in their residence primarily due to the prices entailed, yet that is not actually the case nowadays. Innovations in the industry have actually created monitoring equipment to be extra budget-friendly than ever before. Come to think of it, the price actually doesn’t matter considering that you are investing for your family’s security and protection.

Protection cams are generally put simply outside the front gate or someplace near the front door to make sure that the home owner can quickly inform that is knocking on the door prior to opening it. If you’re sleeping in the center of the night and also you listen to some unusual noises in your backyard, you can simply check on the screen what or who is causing the disturbance.

In mounting a surveillance system for your house, you must be able to do it by yourself or you may likewise employ an expert to make certain it is done correctly. Safety cams can be found in either wired or cordless types and your selection will depend upon your needs. Many homeowners like to make use of wireless cameras since they get rid of the hassle of having to collaborate with cables.

There is no refuting that the occurrence of criminal activities will always be a threat regardless of what we do, but that does not imply that we can’t do anything to lessen that danger. Luckily, we have technology on our side and it can indeed make a big distinction in our house’s safety. With a digital monitoring system in position, you’ll be able to have comfort.

It is very easy to put a computerized directed lorry Singapore to work. They are completely automatic and also regulated by a manager program. This program helps it to identify walls, devices, racks, people, and more. It simply comes to be a part of the labor force that is simple to install. No tracks or anything is necessary for it to perform well. It simply deals with its tasks without supervision from others in the shop.

What would your business attain if you could put even more individuals on the big tasks and have automated forklifts take control of the rest? Would it allow you to raise performance? You could even have greater than one robot and they would certainly all function alongside each various other efficiently as well as efficiently. Your staff members will certainly not have a factor to grumble concerning an uninteresting day as well as you can really uncover what they have the ability to provide for you. An equipment will certainly never ever complain concerning the regular workload and also they will certainly never ever quit until you are ready to stop. Simply put, your warehouse or assembly line will run smoother than ever. Does not that sound like a perfect point to keep your organisation progressing?

On a production line, there are lots of "routine" tasks being done. These jobs are those that need a person to spend their day walking, or operating a forklift loaded with boxes from one area to an additional. Their day is invested doing mundane jobs that are necessary, however not extremely effective. What various other jobs could they be doing instead? You can learn with automated forklifts in Singapore.

Performance counts in a work environment. Every worker there needs to be doing something to far better your business. This is typically much easier if an automatic guided vehicle Singapore is present. This device can be configured with a map and after that it will certainly make use of lasers to "see" where it is going. It complies with routine and does the job. It can move a lot more and also regularly return as well as forth throughout each job day. Your employee, that utilize to have that job, can move on to larger and also far better things within your shop.

Robots are developed to do a details job whatsoever times. Nevertheless, if you do not require it to tackle its typical work; you can change it. It can be operated by hand by an employee or it can be shut off for a while. Just because you have a computerized device, does not indicate that you are not constantly in control of its procedures. This is an excellent point when you periodically need a robotic in an additional component of the shop or when you might have other points in the robotic’s path.

Every work has jobs that somebody might deal with making with their eyes shut. It is just a component of a production line or storehouse operations. Possibilities are excellent, there are employees that would be better if they ran out the regular and on the floor, actively dealing with other points. A robotic will give them the opportunity to verify themselves capable of increasing performance by functioning much more carefully with fellow teammates.

Routine is a part of an assembly line. It is inevitable. Nevertheless, automated forklifts can decrease the demand for a few of the routines by handling the stroll ahead, pick up a box, take it to one more area, and set it down. Your staff members will be able to go into various other parts of the store and also assist you to boost every day’s manufacturing capacity. All the robotic requires is a map that it will use to determine its existing location and afterwards it will most likely to work for you.

We know that security is a major issue in all offices. If this what is holding you back from a driverless robotic forklift, it should not be. These robotics are programed to understand where they can as well as can not go. They have cameras that permit them to "see" when points are various or there is something blocking their path. When it detects that there is an individual or equipment nearby, it will certainly stop to allow them to pass safely. It likewise has a visual alert and an auditory one that will certainly sound when it is in motion to make sure that staff members will certainly recognize its place.

Star Wars baby clothing are fun, as well as they include all your preferred personalities. Several of the pants as well as tee shirt collections additionally have galaxy style trousers to additional include in the general style. Also if they do not have actually the vibrantly tinted galaxies and also earths, they can still have the white stars on a dark background. It will resemble checking out the window of the spacecraft. They can become your favorite attire for your child as well as maybe one that your child will certainly enjoy when they allow enough to know that their favorite television program is now on their clothing.

Some people enjoy dressing them as tiny adults in fits and also quite gowns, while others like to concentrate apparel on the points that make humor of the "child side of things". They are the individuals that will like Celebrity Wars child garments.

Star Wars clothing for children and also children are very popular items. Children enjoy wearing these clothing, but their parents are maybe a little better regarding it than their kids. There are numerous different clothes choices available that you could potentially put your baby in a various outfit each day of the week as well as have them all be associated with your all-time favored film.

Star Wars baby clothes allow you to dress your child in clothing that you might simply want that you had the ability to wear on your own. Frequently, these outfits are made to fit both kids and also ladies. Some might be adorable, some might be humorous, as well as still others may just have the face of your favorite heroes. You can select whatever you like in an effort to transform your child into a lifelong fan.

Would certainly you pick Celebrity Wars apparel with Jedi on it or would you favor that it discuss the "Storm Pooper"? With fun child clothes that are Celebrity Wars themed, you can choose whatever you desire. There are even onesies that say, "Welcome to the Dark Side" on the behind as well as those that assert the child is, "The Pressure that Awakens You." Which will you choose for your youngster?

" Size Does Not Matter" when it involves Celebrity Wars and also it also does not matter when it involves Star Wars child clothes. Your baby can use these child clothing till they are two-three years of ages, nevertheless, this does rely on your baby’s size. In some cases, you might want to pick bigger dimensions to make sure that your child will certainly be able to wear them longer from Cosless.com

When it concerns Celebrity Wars baby clothing, everyone can enjoy them. When you take your child into community or on a journey; everybody will acknowledge where their attire comes from, they are clothing that. It is better than the "standard" infant clothing and also will certainly make certain that your infant gets all the smiles from the people who see them. Your child will certainly not know that they are wearing the coolest clothing ever, yet they may delight in having everyone cooing over them while they admire their clothing.

Star Wars infant clothes are not something that is brand-new, yet they will remain to be a preferred choice for Star Wars fans. As your kid leaves the baby stuff behind, you will still have plenty of big child garments to pick from. There are pajama collections, good tee shirts, amusing t-shirts, elegant trousers, as well as a lot more to select from for older young children and also school aged youngsters. If they want to, there are additionally rather a few enjoyable alternatives for the grownups to use. Star Wars makes anything possible and no matter exactly how old you are, you can still be a "pressure" to be considered.

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